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for mission-driven

I am a creative multimedia professional equipped with exceptional production, videography, and post-production abilities. My work spans widely, in outlets from broadcast television to the web, and in styles from documentary to social video.

My career in video began with a desire to empower, educate, and entertain the public, which I continue to do today. I was a producer-editor at Healthline, one of the fastest growing health resources on the web. I did the same role at The Motley Fool, which empowers folks to take control of their investments and personal finances. I edited a documentary for PBS and news packages broadcast to international audiences. I started out as an assistant editor at the Discovery Channel and a P.A. for NOVA at WGBH.

Born and raised in New York state, I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have an M.A. in video production from Emerson College and a B.S. in biology from Cornell University. In my free time I play percussion in community bands. Once, technically, we opened for the Rolling Stones.


Testing Stories: Leyna

Producer, Director, Editor
How single mom Leyna manages her
type 1 diabetes in her daily life.

Day in the Life: George White

Producer, Director, Editor
Part of a series. How George stays positive living with primary progressive MS.

What's the Worst Investment Advice?

Producer, Camera, Editor
Part of a series for new investors.


Finding community through cancer

Producer, Editor
A young breast cancer survivor finds herself with the support of the cancer community.

Viral Sinus Infection

Dr. Wali explains the symptoms and possible treatments for this ailment.

Health Changemakers: Allison Schaffer

Part of a series. A teacher shows her students how to make healthier food choices.


Anxiety in the U.S.

Is anxiety increasing in the U.S.?
Anxiety disorders now affect 1 in 5 adults.

Monday Milestones (IGTV)

Producer, Director, Editor
It's week 4! Let's celebrate the wins
of our stage 4 warriors.

Boxers or briefs:
What's better for sperm?

Heads up — your underwear choice
may affect your sperm count.


Crohn's triggers that aren't food

Producer, Director, Camera, Editor
We asked our Crohn's community what triggers their flare-ups. Turns out, it's not just pizza.

3 yoga poses for tech neck

If you use a computer, tablet, or phone,
chances are you've experienced tech neck.

Recipe how-to:
Roasted chicken and vegetables

Producer, Editor
Check out this diabetes friendly recipe
by Lori Zanini Nutrition.